Sunshine Global Health Wellness Institute was organized by a group of dedicated alternative health associates including health clinics, compound pharmacies, health food store owners, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, caregivers, etc. for the sole purpose of providing high quality, laboratory tested, legal full spectrum hemp products with less than 0.3% THC in each product.

We recently opened our state-of-the-art research and testing facility in Central Florida. We are working closely with the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Agriculture regarding various aspects of the hemp/cannabinoid industry.

Currently, we have partnered with clinics around the United States as well as in Columbia and Panama to set up clinical studies using our products. We are developing protocol procedures through our clinical studies to help those in need. Our doors are open to all who want to participate. Our clinics work closely with each patients’ existing physician(s) to work out specific protocols to fit the needs of that particular patient. It is an important aspect of our studies that we work closely with the existing physician(s). At this point we do not have any blind studies. All participants are receiving the products that their team of physicians feel will be the most beneficial.

We use products that have our patented Cavinol® Booster in our clinical research clinics. Within our studies we are seeing some very positive results. Across the three countries our clinics are helping physicians work with patients who have various health issues. As stated before, it is extremely important that our physicians work closely with the existing physician(s) of all patients within our clinical studies.

After patients complete their protocol study, most patients opt to continue with our Cavinol® Booster Daily tincture to maintain the endocannabinoid balance within their bodies.

Through charitable contributions worldwide and with our State-of-the-Art Research Laboratory we are striving to make a positive impact throughout the industry and the world.

Our participating health care providers are not paid or compensated in any way to be on our Medical Board or to participate in our clinical trial program. People who enter our clinical trial program are not financial compensated in any way to participate in our clinical trial program. The product is given to the participants free of charge.